The Leather Doctor – Experts in Leather Restoration and Leather Repair Services

The Leather Doctor are experts in all things leather restoration and leather repair. With 30 years of experience and expertise behind us, our national network of technicians are paving the way when it comes to mastering leather repairs, leather restoration and leather cleaning services.

Leather Repair and Leather Restoration on Commercial Furnishings

At The Leather Doctor, we recognise that the way in which commercial leather furnishings are used is different to that of private/household leather furniture. As such, the leather cleaning and leather repair needs also differ greatly. For this reason, we offer customised commercial furniture leather restoration, leather cleaning and leather repair advice and services, to include warranty repairs, upholstery, ongoing cleaning and maintenance and refurbishment or restoration schedules that help commercial furniture and fixtures last longer.

Leather Repairs

At The Leather Doctor, we have extensive experience and knowledge to expertly undertake leather repairs to a variety of leather furnishings and finishes. We’re able to repair damaged stitching, remove stains on leather, repair cuts, grazes or damage on leather as well as undertake repairs to colour fading issues on leather furniture.

Leather Restoration

The extent to which our technicians can assist with leather restoration is quite remarkable. Whether it be restoring leather that is damaged, cracked or faded, replacing oil damaged leather panels, restoring leather that has faded over time, or repairing recliners, mechanisms, triggers, webbing, frame, foam or spring repairs, we’re highly experienced and are here to get your furnishings looking better and feeling more comfortable.

Leather Upholstery

Our Leather Doctors are highly skilled in leather upholstery. From household furniture to commercial seating, and from boat seats to medical and gym equipment, we work with customers to provide the most suitable and cost-effective leather upholstery solutions.

We understand that there are many different ways in which your leather furniture needs caring for – whether it be leather cleaning, leather repair or leather restoration Because there are so many different types of damage that can affect your leather furniture, we have tailored our services to ensure that we meet the needs of all our customers. To guarantee you the upmost in efficient and targeted solutions, we offer a refined service process that works around you and your needs.

Our local leather repair technicians are experts in leather and vinyl and are able to expertly undertake leather cleaning, leather repairs and leather restoration to ensure your furniture looks and feels great for years to come. Contact your local Leather Doctor today for a free quote on your leather cleaning, leather repairs and leather restoration needs.

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