Commercial Furniture Warranty Repairs and Reporting


The Leather Doctor can provide a wide range of commercial furniture warranty repairs.

The Leather Doctor has an extensive network of partnerships with furniture retailers, manufacturers and national chains. They trust us to solve their furniture repair and warranty issues in a way that minimizes disruption and inconvenience to both their business and to customers.

Leather Doctors are able to assist with customer appointment scheduling and work the clients to determine how best to rectify issues with a customer’s piece of furniture. They are also able to provide impartial reporting to assist in repair claims.

For all commercial furniture repair and warranty reporting, Leather Doctors provide quotes prior to work taking place. Once approved, repairs can be undertaken and detailed reports and photographs are supplied once the job is complete.

Our customers trust The Leather Doctor with their commercial furniture warranty reporting for the following reasons:

  • All Leather Doctors are highly trained leather repair specialists and provide only the best customer service.
  • All Leather Doctors drive fully kitted vans, enabling them to be mobile and undertake most repairs on-site, in one visit.
  • If on-site repairs are not possible, The Leather Doctor vehicles are equipped to pick up furniture and transport it to dedicated off-site facilities for repair. This eliminates the need for third-party transport and reduces the risk of further damage and/or additional delays.
  • The Leather Doctor is able to manage large volumes of commercial furniture warranty repairs and reporting with high quality yet efficient turnaround.
  • The Leather Doctors pride themselves on being an extension to your business. We are committed to helping you solve any customer warranty or repair issues as if the customers were their own.

Contact us to discuss how the Leather Doctor network can assist in servicing your commercial furniture warranty reporting & repair issues. 

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