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Do I Need Professional Fabric Cleaning?

As experienced fabric cleaners, The Fabric Doctor understand how average wear and tear can dull the overall appearance of your fabric furniture. While regular vacuuming of your fabric upholstered furniture is important, it isn’t enough to just remove the dirt and debris that settles on the surface of your upholstery. The good news is that our professional fabric cleaning and fabric stain removal experts have specialized fabric cleaning equipment and vast knowledge of effective fabric cleaning techniques to restore your fabric furniture.

Fabric Protection Services

After you’ve engaged fabric cleaning services for your fabric furniture, you’ll want to protect it from future stains or markings. The Fabric Doctor offers fabric protection application, which adds an invisible barrier to your fabric surfaces, helping it to repel any accidental spills that may occur. Fabric protection shield application is always recommended after a fabric furniture cleaning.

Fabric Couch Stain Removal Services

The Fabric Doctor uses high-quality fabric cleaning and stain removal products that help remove a range of stains and marks on fabric furniture. Food, drink, blood, urine, drinks, tan, dirt and slime are just a few of the stains our fabric cleaning experts are able to remove. We’re also able to assist with removing water marks and general discoloration from dust accumulation on fabric furniture.

Fabric Deodorization and Odor Elimination Treatment

Another popular add on to fabric lounge cleaning is the application of a fabric deodorizor or odor eliminator. Musty or damp odors, smells from pets or lingering scents from spills or accidents on fabric lounges can be unpleasant to live with. Luckily, The Fabric Doctor offers highly effective fabric deodorizor or odor eliminator services following a fabric cleaning service, that can help to quash these unpleasant smells.

Commercial Fabric Sofa Cleaning Services

In addition to offering fabric cleaning services to private household fabric furniture, ottomans and bed heads, The Fabric Doctor is also able to assist with fabric cleaning, stain removal, fabric protection and fabric deodorization in commercial settings.

If you manage a hotel, holiday home or rentals that are furnished, you’ll understand the wear and tear that fabric lounges, ottomans and even bed heads can sustain. We understand that it’s important to keep properties looking clean and the furniture in an acceptable standard. Regular professional fabric cleaning of the property’s fabric finishes is the best course of action to achieve this. Unlike many other fabric cleaning companies, our Fabric Doctor specialists do not charge extra for stain removal.

Offices, shopping centres, restaurants and café seating require ongoing fabric cleaning and stain removal services. Fabric finishes in boats, caravans and vehicles are also able to undergo cleaning and stain removal. Regardless of the fabric finish or it’s setting, The Fabric Doctor are able to help.

The Fabric Doctor are committed to providing a 100% satisfaction guarantee with every fabric couch cleaning and stain removal service.

To discuss your fabric cleaning and fabric stain removal requirements or receive a quote, contact your local Fabric Doctor.

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