Leather And Vinyl Recoloring Services


Our Leather Doctors are experts in leather and vinyl recoloring on areas of worn or damaged furniture, leather furniture and accessories. Contrary to popular opinion, we recolor leather via an extensive painting process, not by dyes. Our Leather Doctors are trained to recolor leather to match almost any shade you present to them, making it a completely customized service to suit your needs.

Whether you need to cover up damage, refresh the color on the lounge, or completely change the aesthetic of your furniture, vinyl and leather re-coloring is a fantastic solution. It is also often a far cheaper alternative than buying new.

Leather Recoloring is a complex process that encompasses many steps with specialized products to ensure correct preparation, even application and quality sealing is achieved. It is a skill that takes a significant amount of training to be able to perfect, and should not be undertaken as a DIY home-task.

Leather recoloring can be undertaken for a number of reasons, to include:

  • your furniture or finishes have faded due to sun damage,
  • you have experienced dye transfer onto your furniture from clothing,
  • your leather furniture has been drawn on,
  • your leather furniture has been damaged (scratch, scuff etc) and color needs to be applied to blend or conceal it,
  • leather panels on furniture have been reupholstered, and need to be recolored to match the remaining panels,
  • or you simply want to change the color to match a new interior or to suit current trends,

Leather Doctors are extensively trained to color match leather and vinyl, allowing them to recolor panels or specifically damaged areas or to completely transform entire furniture pieces or accessories to suit your needs.

All Leather Doctors drive fully kitted vans, enabling them to be mobile and undertake most re-color work on-site, in one visit. If on-site repairs are not possible (usually due to the size of the furniture), The Leather Doctor vehicles are equipped to pick up furniture and transport it to dedicated off-site facilities, and then transport it back to you upon completion.

Leather Doctors are able to recolor an array of furniture, medical and gym equipment, restaurant and office seating, and boat and car interiors.

For more information on leather furniture re-coloring, contact your local Leather Doctor.

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