Gym Equipment Cleaning, Repairs & Restoration

Gym equipment maintenance requires specialised skills and an understanding of the correct materials to use. Damaged, cracked or torn vinyl upholstery in gym or exercise settings are not only uncomfortable for the patrons using them, but also pose a significant health risk as they become a breeding ground for bacteria and microorganisms. We use only the highest quality medical grade vinyl and foams when undertaking gym and exercise equipment upholstery, to ensure we’re meeting the industry’s strict health and safety requirements.

Our medical equipment upholstery and gym equipment upholstery covers an extensive range of equipment and furnishings, to include:

  • Gym reception and breakout seating
  • Gym equipment
  • Pilates equipment
  • Professional Vinyl And Leather Cleaning Services

The key contributors to the rapid deterioration of gym equipment is the build-up of dirt, dust, sweat and body oils. It is these sweat and body oils that are the most damaging and the greatest catalyst for damage if not professionally cleaned and conditioned regularly. Body oils, sweat and dirt are filled with bacteria which effectively work to break down vinyl’s protective coating.

The build-up of body oils and sweat typically starts to initially present itself as damage to head rests, arm rests and leg rolls first, from the oils, sweat and dirt that leave our heads, arms and legs as we recline on or use furnishings.

The best way to protect gym equipment from having this occur is to undertake professional gym equipment cleaning regularly and not give any spills, sweat, dirt or body oils a chance to absorb or do any damage.

Whilst it may be tempting to clean your gym equipment with non-specific cleaning products such as washing up liquid, surface spray or wipe type products, the damage they do to gym and exercise equipment detrimental. Non-medical grade vinyl specific cleaning products will break down and eventually strip the seal or coating on the vinyl, leaving it dry and exposed to absorbing even more dirt, oils and sweat, which then leads to drying, cracking and colour loss.

The Leather Doctor’s gym equipment cleaning services use the highest quality medical grade vinyl cleaning products to protect their finishes. Our fully trained gym equipment cleaning specialists are able to help both as needed or can be booked in for regular cleaning services.


Gym Equipment Upholstery Services

If your gym or exercise equipment upholstery is worn out, split or torn, The Leather Doctor are able to reupholster it in a range of medical grade vinyl colours and finishes. We use high quality foam, materials and stitching and are also able to replace wooden substrates if required. Not only will your gym equipment upholstery be new again but it will also look and feel better for your clientele and will also be compliant with safety standards.

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Gym Equipment Upholstery Process

We know every hour without your medical and gym equipment or waiting seat furniture is lost revenue, which is why we work with you to determine the best time to undertake your gym equipment upholstery. We offer fast turnaround times and are flexible in being able to complete your work around your operating hours.

To discuss your gym equipment upholstery requirements or receive a free quote, contact your local Leather Doctor.