Vinyl And Leather Upholstery And Restoration Services


Changing the Look of Your Leather & Vinyl Furniture

When you need vinyl or leather upholstery and restoration services, our leather upholstery specialists can assist you. Professional vinyl and leather upholstery can help transform the look of your furniture, giving it many more years of use.

The upholstery on your furniture and seating can be affected (both in appearance and comfort) by the quality of its upholstery. If the upholstery is damaged, the lifespan, comfort and even hygiene of the furniture or seating can be compromised. Alternatively, sometimes a piece just doesn’t ‘fit’ with its new surrounds or a change in décor.  It’s for these reasons that vinyl and leather upholstery is so popular. Recovering your furniture or seating in a different colorway or with a different material can have a remarkable effect on the ambience of a space, the appeal of the furniture and also on your wallet (vs buying new).

Our Leather Doctors are experts in vinyl and leather reupholstery and panel replacements on areas of worn or damaged furniture. Our skills also extend to the upholstery of outdoor furniture, dining chairs, seating in restaurants, cafes, and hotels, and medical or gym upholstery in leather, vinyl and fabric.

Leather and Vinyl Panel Replacements

Panel replacements offer an excellent and affordable alternative when damage is isolated to a panel or a specific area of leather or vinyl and a repair is not feasible. Panel replacements are a cost-effective solution, helping you to bring a damaged part of your furniture back to new without the cost of full upholstery. Our leather upholstery specialists are highly skilled in matching the color of your furniture to new leather or vinyl panels.

Why Should You Reupholster Your Leather and Vinyl Furniture?

  • Older pieces of furniture are typically very well made, providing the perfect foundation for new foams and leather or vinyl upholstery to be undertaken.
  • Reupholstery gives you the option to customise and choose from a huge array of leather and vinyl colors, textures and fabrics to suit your home or workplace decor.
  • Reupholstery and restoration of furniture is usually more cost-effective than replacing an item or buying new.
  • High quality leather and vinyls are used in upholstery work, helping ensure a longer life span.
  • Recycling old furniture is a great way to help the environment by minimising disposable waste and creating a unique one-off furniture item.

Why Are The Leather Doctor The First Choice When You Think Of Vinyl and Leather Reupholstery?

At The Leather Doctor, we understand the diverse needs and requirements of homeowners and businesses  and are able to customise our vinyl and leather upholstery approach to suit each these unique needs.

At The Leather Doctor, our priorities are simple:

  • Efficiency guaranteed
  • High-quality workmanship
  • First class professionalism
  • Competitive pricing
  • Obligation free quotes

We offer a wide range of reupholstery services for vinyl and leather furniture and seating. 
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