Leather Repair Solutions For Your Damaged Furniture: Summer Edition

Summer is the most common time period for customers who have damaged furniture to source leather repair and cleaning, but why? 

There’s something about the longer, warmer and brighter summer days that have people itching to go on holidays, head to the beach or relax by the pool. But, summer days relaxing in damp bathers, covered in sunscreen, moisturiser or tan spell disaster for your leather and vinyl furniture.

We’re here to explain why and help you understand more about preventing damage to your leather and vinyl furniture.

Leather Damage from Wet Clothing & Swimwear 

When coming home from a long, hot day of swimming at the beach or after a big pool session,  it’s inevitable that you’ll want to kick your feet up and relax. But don’t neglect to remember that your leather lounge can suffer as a result. Damp clothes, chlorine covered swimwear and towels can cause extensive damage if they come in contact with your leather and vinyl furniture. 

Sitting on your furniture with wet towels or clothing can quickly result in both short term superficial effects such as watermarks, as well as long term damage including your leather and vinyl breaking down, top coat deterioration, odours from dampness and internal foam rot.  All of these issues can lead to compromised structural integrity, health issues from mould and deterioration in the  overall look of your expensive leather furniture.

If you experience water mark areas on leather or vinyl furniture, The Leather Doctor has a variety of services catered towards repairing the damage. For ongoing maintenance, our Leather Doctors can offer a professional clean and condition using high-quality, eco-friendly products. This not only keeps the leather and vinyl clean but also prevents sunscreen and sweat from building up on the lounge and damaging it. If you’ve experienced significant water marks,  large stains, foam rot or damage to the leather that requires repairing, we can offer colour-match reupholstery, colour repairs, as well as foam and frame replacements. Whatever the furniture damage that you’ve experienced, The Leather Doctor team are here to help. 

repairing leather with stains

Furniture Stains from Body Oils & Sweat Leather Repair

The Summer sun is guaranteed to make you work up a sweat. It’s this sweat, along with sunblock, moisturiser and dirt that has the potential to wreak havoc on your leather and vinyl furniture though. Although not easily seen, the buildup of sweat, sunblock and body oils can significantly damage the top coat of your leather or vinyl furniture. Once this top coat is broken down, oils are quickly absorbed into the leather, causing significant damage that is costly to repair. Taking preventative measures and protecting your leather or vinyl furniture with regular professional cleaning and conditioning will help save your furniture from experiencing extensive damage this summer. 

Already seeing damage? The Leather Doctor offers a variety of services and solutions depending on the  severity of the damage to the furniture. As always, the best cure is prevention – It’s recommended that you clear your leather and vinyl furniture regularly to prevent the build up of body oil and sweat. The longer you leave this maintenance, the more likely your leather lounge is to experience damage and deterioration. 

cleaning leather furniture

Ruined Leather from Moisturisers, Lotions & Fake Tan Solutions  

Summer is the season of sun kissed skin. Whether you choose to catch some rays and build a tan the natural way, or opt for a bottled alternative, you will most likely need to apply some sort of skin product. Moisturisers, lotions and fake tan solutions may be a summer essential, but can wreak havoc with your leather or vinyl furniture. 

Tanning products and sunblocks can quickly discolour leather lounges, leaving unsightly yellow stains that usually don’t come off with a simple wipe over. Simple preventatives such as laying down a towel create an effective barrier between the leather and your skin (and the products on it). If however, you’ve already seen damage occur, our team has a number of techniques available to them in order to correct the staining and have your lounge looking like new again. 

leather repair removing stain off leather

If you have a leather or vinyl furniture that’s experienced damage over summer and you’re interested in having it repaired, contact the experts at The Leather Doctor today. In most cases, the issue can be easily rectified and will have your leather or vinyl furniture quickly looking like new again. Not to mention the time and money you will save on shopping for replacement furniture. What’s more, we offer free quotes to advise of the cost to clean or repair your leather or vinyl furniture. 

Servicing over 8,000 locations across all states and territories of Australia, The Leather Doctor has the professional knowledge and expertise necessary to be leaders in the industry and are committed to excellence for all customers. For a free quote and answers to all your professional leather repair and cleaning questions, contact a friendly team member at The Leather Doctor today.

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