Leather Cleaning and Leather Protection Services

The Leather Doctor specialise in Leather Sofa Cleaning, Leather Protection Services, Leather Couch Cleaning, Leather Lounge Cleaning & Leather Chair Cleaning services.

Leather cleaning and conditioning is essential for maintaining the look and feel of your leather furniture. Compared to fabric upholstered furniture, leather has proven itself to be extremely durable. With that in mind however, any wear and tear can be more visible and is not as easily concealed. Add to that possible discolouration and the loss of softness/moisture and you’ll see why undertaking leather furniture cleaning, leather repair and/or leather restoration from professional and experienced technicians is the way to go.

As there are several different types of leather, prior to undertaking any leather cleaning or conditioning, we first determine the type of leather we are working with. Our analysis will reveal what leather cleaning products and processes should be used. After your leather is thoroughly cleaned, we apply a high-quality leather conditioner to your leather furniture, helping it feel as soft as the day you bought it. Leather conditioning restores moisture in leather and is vital to it retaining its original look and feel.

Professional Leather Repair and Leather Restoration Services

Providing a professional leather cleaning services is just the tip of what The Leather Doctor technicians are able to offer to customers.  The refinishing and re-coloring of leather furniture is a highly specialised skill set that few can properly undertake. The Leather Doctor has over 30 years of experience in leather recolouring and leather restoration. We mix colors from scratch to match, by eye, to your leather furniture. We also use oils and dyes to restore leather furniture and help it look great for many years to come.

Leather Cleaning Services

Using the best quality products, and fit for purpose cleaning equipment, we’re able to provide a variety of leather cleaning services :

  • Leather furniture cleaning
  • Leather couch cleaning
  • Leather lounge cleaning
  • Commercial leather furniture and finishes cleaning
  • Leather car seat cleaning
  • Leather boat seat cleaning
  • Leather aircraft seat cleaning

Specialised Leather Cleaning and Leather Protection Methods

For over 30 years, The Leather Doctor has led the way in developing best in class leather cleaning and leather protection processes. Our leather cleaning products are high quality, fit for purpose and will not damage your leather furniture or finishes. Our cleaning equipment, leather repair and leather restoration processes are also all thoroughly tested and regularly reviewed to ensure that we are giving our customers the best possible service and results.

Maintaining and Cleaning Leather furniture

Regular leather cleaning and protection, with advice from a leather professional is paramount to the longevity of your leather furniture. Not only can we clean your leather, but we can also correct damage and give you advice and products to give your leather years and years of use while making it easier for you to maintain.

Regular cleaning of leather furniture using non-leather products can be detrimental to the finish of your leather. Baby wipes, washing up liquid and other non-specific or poor-quality leather cleaning products can strip the finishes on leather, strip the colour of your leather or strip the moisture from leather, resulting in it eventually breaking down and splitting.

With our expert help, we can have your leather furnishings kept cleaning, conditioned and looking great for the long run.

You Always Get More From The Leather Doctor Leather Cleaning

Our leather technicians are experts in rejuvenating your leather furniture. In addition to helping your leather live longer, using a Leather Doctor has the added benefits of:

  • Knowing you’re using a leather expert, who is highly trained in leather processes
  • Being backed by a national brand that has been in operation for 30 years
  • Offering advice and information that will help you maintain the look and feel of your leather in between professional visits
  • Flexible scheduling, and free quotes, and
  • Workmanship guarantees.

Commercial Leather Cleaning

We provide a professional leather cleaning services to pubs, clubs, hotels, restaurants leisure centres, sports facilities and commercial offices. Contact us today for a free quote or to find out more about our extensive experience in providing exceptional commercial leather cleaning, leather restoration and leather repair services, to include

  • Commercial leather seating cleaning, repairs and restoration
  • Corporate leather seat cleaning, repairs and restoration
  • Commercial leather chair cleaning, repairs and restoration
  • Commercial booth seat cleaning, repairs and restoration
  • Commercial board room seat cleaning, repairs and restoration
  • Restaurant, cinema, hotel, office furniture and seat cleaning, repairs and restoration

We’re able to work with our commercial customers to undertake on out-of-hours jobs or accommodate tight deadlines.

Remember – just because you can’t see the dirt, doesn’t mean it’s not there! Properly cleaning and conditioning leather furniture can be a challenge, but not for our trained leather cleaning professionals. Count on us to achieve noticeable results—and keep your leather furniture looking great for years to come.

Leather Protection Services

Leather protection (or leather conditioning) is critical when it comes to leather furniture and upholstery. When you’re in the market for professional leather protection solutions, you can depend on the national network of Leather Doctors to assist with the best possible leather protection. We’re here to help you with all types of leather protection and leather restoration services, ensuring that your leather continues to look good for many years. It doesn’t matter if you’ve got one sofa or a whole room of leather furnishings – we can help keep them clean and looking great.

We Provide The Best Leather Cleaning, Leather Repair and Leather Restoration Services

Our Leather Doctors are highly skilled to provide professional leather cleaning, leather repair and leather restoration solutions, to help keep your leather furniture looking great. We also specialise in leather upholstery, helping to replace damaged areas of leather or completely transform your leather furniture. When it comes to leather furniture and finishes, The Leather Doctor have been recognised as experts, providing the best possible leather cleaning, leather protection, leather repair, leather restoration and leather upholstery services to both private and commercial customers.

Free quote on Leather Cleaning and Leather Repairs

The Leather Doctor technicians work hard to ensure you enjoy many years of comfort in your furniture.

Contact us today for a free quote on your leather cleaning, leather protection, leather repair, leather restoration and leather upholstery requirements.

At The Leather Doctor, we’re focused on providing expert solutions that help your leather live longer.

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