Expert Leather and Vinyl Repairs

Using a Leather Doctor to undertake your leather furniture repairs is widely becoming the best-known way to achieve fantastic results. From scuffs to cuts and tears, Leather Doctors are able to have your leather and vinyl issues looked after. With a network of 70 Leather Doctors, servicing over 8000 suburbs across Australia, The Leather Doctor can be trusted with your leather and vinyl repair requirements. Leather Doctors travel to you, and offer a wide range of domestic leather repairs.

For leather or vinyl furniture around your home, our Leather Doctors are not only able to clean and condition leather but are also able to repair damage and can assist with re-upholstery, panel replacements and re-colouring, helping your furniture look and feel new again. We’re also experts in foam, frame and mechanical repairs to furniture, so if your sofa is not folding outas well as it used to, give your Local Leather Doctor a call, and let them help work through a repair solution with you.

Domestic leather repairs are not just limited to furniture. A common call we receive is to assist with repairs to car interiors. Whether it’s because you’re trying to sell a vehicle, or just want your car to look and feel like it used to, our Leather Doctors are experts in cleaning,repairing and re-colouring damage to your car interior. Stains, damage and decolouration to leather jackets and bags can also be worked on – no job is too big or too small.

Commercial Leather Repairs

Our Leather Doctors service more than just your household leather lounges.When it comes to commercial and warranty repairs and reporting on leather and vinyl furniture, don’t look past the network of highly trained Leather Doctors. The Leather Doctor partners with a number of large-scale commercial companies,assisting with their warranty repairs. With our experience in the field, Leather Doctors are able to offer an excellent calibre of commercial leather repair services along with knowledge on how to undertake and report on any warranty repairs. We can assess the damage, report on condition or cause and if approved, undertake the repairs. As we’re a mobile service network, we’re able to travel to customer and client workplaces, making it easier for customers to access our expertise in vinyl and leather repair.

In addition to warranty work, Leather Doctors are also experts in cleaning, restoration and re-upholstery services for businesses, including restaurants, gyms, medical practices, hotels and offices. If you need vinyl and/or leather repairs to furniture or finishes in your business, give us a call – we offer free quotes and can work with you to have work completed around your business hours. Whether it be restaurant or café seating, office furniture, waiting room seating, medical or massage chairs or bedding, theatre seating, barber or hairdresser salon seating, gym equipment, hotel or bar seating, Leather Doctor are experts in making leather and vinyl look better and live longer.

Common Leather Damage

Leather and vinyl are a popular options when it comes to choosing furniture. But whilst these materials can be durable, they are also vulnerable to scratches, blemishes, stains, discolouration and fading.  Marks, scuffs and scratches are commonplace, especially if the furniture is in a commercial setting or used in an environment where small children or animals are present. The key to keeping leather and vinyl furniture and finishes looking good and lasting a long time, is to ensure they are regularly cleaned using professional, leather specific, products to help maintain the finish and seals on the material. If scratches, cuts, tears or dents appear in the leather or vinyl, have it attended to asap to prevent damage worsening (and inevitably costing more to repair later on). Leather cracking can also be a common occurrence when leather is not regularly cleaned and conditioned. Repairs to cracked leather, torn or ripped must be handled by an expert (to ensure the repairs are properly undertaken and to give you a warranty on the work being completed). Fading and colour damage is another common issue customers experience with their leather. Luckily, our Leather Doctors are experts in colour matching and re colouring leather, helping it regain its original look and feel, or, conversely, helping it achieve a brand-new look. There are a huge variety of repair and refurbishment options for your leather and vinyl furniture, so talk to your local Leather Doctor today for a free quote.

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