The Top 3 Most Common Types of Furniture Damage Caused by Pets… (and How to Repair Them)

We all love our pets, but when they damage our furniture, it can prompt thoughts of whether having nice furniture is worth it. The frustration (or rage) caused by seeing your expensive furniture being destroyed may cool off, but unfortunately, the damage and stains caused to said furniture will remain…

Unless that is, you call The Leather and Fabric Doctor!

With our help, the damage and stains caused to your furniture by your furry friends can be fixed! At The Leather and Fabric Doctor, we’ve seen it all. From chewed corners, to cat scratches, and from cushions that turned into chew toys to stains and odours from our furry friends having ‘accidents’. It’s nice to know that the customers who call us, breathe a sigh of relief when we advise them that the stained and damaged furniture they’re looking at, can be addressed.

Here’s a some of the most common damage and stains caused by pets, along with some insight into the repair solutions we can offer:

Cat Scratches and Claw Marks

Whether your pet has scratched your leather furniture intentionally or accidentally, your first thought may be to just accept it or write it off as landfill.
But, to that, we say….’think again’.

Spare yourself from the eyesore of scratches all over your beautiful leather or fabric furniture or the cost of a new lounge, and opt for our cost-effective alternatives. No matter the size of the scratches, The Leather Doctor can help make them disappear. Leather Doctors are highly skilled repairing the damage caused by cat scratches and can repair then re-colour the damaged area to blend in perfectly to the surrounding leather.

This skill enables them to repair specific sections of your furniture without it standing out or having to work on the entire lounge. As for substantial cat scratches on fabric furniture, our Fabric Doctors work their magic by machine shaving the loose strands, leaving your furniture smooth and renewed.

The best preventative for our feline friends from scratching your leather or fabric furniture is to ensure you have scratching posts next to your furniture, deterring them from using your high-ticket lounge, and having their claw length maintained by qualified groomers.

Leather cat claw/scratch repairFabric cat claw/scratch repair

Damage Caused By Pets Chewing On Furniture

Holes, dents and sections of missing material from your leather or fabric lounge can be the result of a number of pet-caused factors, including a teething puppy seeking relief, pets lacking exercise, boredom, or anxiety/stress relief. The damage caused by chewing on lounges can range from minor (if you catch them quickly and stop it), to substantial (if you return home after being away all day, and find that fido has spent the day redecorating your lounge).

No matter the scale of damage though, we have a range of repair options for you to consider.

Depending on the severity and location of the damage, we can work with you to either have it looking like new, or simply repair the damage to prevent it from worsening. Foam replacements, panel replacements or even full reupholstery can be offered to replace damaged lounge cushions. If your pet has enjoyed chewing on the timber framing, we can repair or replace it too.

We also offer stitching repairs and replacements/repairs in electric or manual recliners. No matter the extent of the chewing, The Leather Doctor always has a range of repair solutions.

Couch tare repair - furniture damage

Stains On Furniture Caused By Pet Vomit & Urine

Pets vomiting and urinating or leaving messy paw prints and oily marks from their fur on leather and fabric furniture is a topic we receive a huge number of calls about. Forget your supermarket grade cleaning products to help remove the stains and odour caused by pet damage though. They can lead to the damage being exacerbated, and do not contain the microbial formulas to neutralise bacteria (that causes smells to linger).

The Leather Doctor will not only clean, but deep condition your leather and vinyl furnishings when cleaning and removing stains, ensuring the leather doesn’t dry out and crack. Perfect for fabric lounges, our Fabric Doctor specialists are able to remove stubborn stains and neutralise odours on your fabric furniture before using extractors to remove excess moisture, resulting in a fantastic, even finish.

Another common problem with pet urine and vomit is that it penetrates through the leather or fabric on furniture, leaving the lingering smell almost impossible to remove (even after a thorough clean). Luckily, our Leather Doctors can also assist in replacing the foam/interiors of your lounge. With all our cleaning services, your furniture will be looking much better, before you know it!

As for preventatives to stains caused by pets, ensure your pet is toilet trained, or leave out toilet training pads or artificial grass mats out and have them easily accessible. If your pet enjoys lounging on your furniture, consider training them to sit in a certain section of the lounge, and cover it in a blanket or towel so the furniture is not directly exposed. Regular professional cleaning will also help maintain a clean and pleasant smelling lounge and will also make it easier for any accidents to be removed if/when they occur.

Fabric furniture repairLeather couch cleaning

So, How Do You Get Your Damaged or Stained Lounge Repaired?

In the case of damage from pet scratches, claw or bite marks, it’s recommended that you have the damage fixed soon after it occurs to prevent it from worsening. At the time of damage, cover your furniture with a towel or blanket and contact a Leather Doctor for a free quote and advice on the best way forward.

Each Leather Doctor undergoes intensive and ongoing training to ensure that they are specialists in leather, vinyl and fabric repairs and refurbishment, repairs and stain removal caused by animals.

All leather and fabric repair and refurbishment jobs are undertaken by Leather and Fabric Doctors with highly specialised and fit for purpose products. Depending on the issue you’ve experienced, there are generally a few repair options, each offering different outcomes and performance results. All Leather Doctors are trained to assess damage and offer honest feedback concerning the best repair option, and the outcomes based on your expectations.

Find Your Local Leather Doctor

Our Leather Doctors are mobile, meaning they operate with a van kitted out with everything they need to come to you (whether it be your home or business) to conduct most leather and fabric cleaning, repair and stain removal work. All onsite repairs are performed with the utmost care and respect to help transform your leather, vinyl and fabric back to its original state. If your furniture needs to be taken off-site for repair (due to its size or shape), it’s cared for in fit for purpose facilities.

Servicing over 8,000 locations across all states and territories of Australia, The Leather Doctor has the professional knowledge and expertise necessary to be leaders in the industry and are committed to excellence for all customers. For a free quote and answers to all pet damage and stain related questions, contact a friendly team member at The Leather Doctor today!

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