Extensive Guide: Possibilities of Furniture Repair

In the high turnover, consumerism focused world in which we live, the idea of professional leather or vinyl furniture repair can be commonly misunderstood if not totally disregarded. Often, when a piece of furniture is damaged, stained or broken, the owner may continue to live with it in that condition, attempt to repair it themselves, or simply throw it away and buy something new. Whilst these options may be suitable for inexpensive furniture, they are often not options for expensive pieces, permanently installed or custom made pieces, or pieces with sentimental history. Damage to furniture doesn’t have to spell its demise. Surface and internal repairs can be professionally undertaken to restore the leather and vinyl furniture back to new. 

Many people also tend to associate professional furniture repair services exclusively with home furniture, not realising the possibilities for leather and vinyl repairs extend to  everything from car seats and door cards, boat seats and finishings, to medical and gym equipment and from restaurant seating to office furniture. The great news is that leather and vinyl furniture repair is just the start of the extensive skill set that The Leather Doctor professionals are able to offer customers across Australia.  

So, before you consider adding damaged furniture to landfill, have a read through our guide to the many possibilities and benefits of professional leather and vinyl furniture repair.

Leather and Vinyl Surface Repair and Cleaning

The surface of leather and vinyl furniture is what tends to experience the most amount of visual wear and tear over time. With daily use and exposure to children and pets, you’re bound to encounter some form of surface damage to your leather and vinyl upholstery sooner or later. No need to be discouraged though, as most surface damage issues can be cleaned or repaired cost-effectively with high quality, fit for purpose products and professional expertise. 

Common repairable surface damage to leather and vinyl furniture and upholstery includes, but is not limited to:

  • Scratches from fingernails and pet claws
  • Splits, punctures, dents or cuts caused by sharp objects
  • Burn marks from cigars and cigarettes
  • Scuffs and grazes from contact with abrasive surfaces
  • Broken stitching
  • Ink marks or stains from pens, markers and cosmetics
  • Stains from food and clothing dye transfer
  • Marks from nail polish

Whether the surface damage has occurred to your home, gym, hotel, restaurant or office furniture, auto or boat upholstery, or even to your favourite vinyl or leather bag or garment, The Leather Doctor can assist with a suitable repair solution that will make the item appear like new again.

Internal Component Furniture Repair

In some cases with various leather and vinyl furniture, it’s not what’s on the surface that is the issue, but what lies beneath. Over time, and with regular use, the internal components of leather and vinyl furniture such as the foam, springs, webbing, mechanics or timber frame can wear down, break or stop working correctly. Such damage can drastically affect the overall shape, comfort and functionality of the furniture. Many pieces of furniture are quite complex and are assembled using custom tools, making it extremely difficult for the average consumer to personally disassemble and repair successfully, without the fear of further damage or failure to reassemble it correctly. Luckily, the team at The Leather Doctor has been extensively trained and are well qualified to recognise and repair all issues pertaining to internal furniture damage.

Common internal furniture components that The Leather Doctor team regularly repair and replace include:

  • Mechanical components (both manual and electric) such as recliners
  • Foam and cushion boosting/replacement 
  • Wooden frames (the bones of your furniture)
  • Webbing and spring suspension (the furniture’s internal support system)
  • Internal stitching and outward facing seam repairs 
  • Button and trigger component repairs and replacements (usually associated with manual and electric reclining features in furniture)  

Furniture Repair

Commercial Furniture Repair

As we’ve established, there is a vast array of furniture repairs that can be undertaken to leather and vinyl furniture.  But, what if you happen to have damaged leather or vinyl furniture at your workplace? The Leather Doctor not only specialises in private customer furniture repairs, but are masters of repair and restoration in the commercial sector as well! No matter what type of business you’re in, if you have leather or vinyl furniture or upholstery that needs attention, The Leather Doctor will go above and beyond your expectations, to ensure your commercial furnishings look fresh and new again.

Whist the possibilities are endless, below are just a few examples of commercial settings where professional vinyl or leather furniture repair are possible:

  • Restaurants and Cafes (stand alone or bench seat/built in leather and vinyl furniture)
  • Gyms and Workout Studios (leather & vinyl upholstered equipment)
  • Offices (chairs, lounges & waiting room seating)
  • Medical Offices (waiting room furniture, massage/physio tables, dental chairs)
  • Public Transportation (seating on busses, aircrafts, taxis, etc.)
  • Chartered Boats and Other Watercrafts (seating and finishes) 
  • Theatres (seating & lounges)
  • Hotels and Motels (furniture in lobbies & in room furniture and bed heads)
  • Hair Salons and Barber Shops (seating & portable stools)

If you have a piece of leather or vinyl furniture that has experienced surface or internal damage and you’re interested in having it repaired, contact the experts at The Leather Doctor today. In most cases the issue can be easily rectified and will have your leather or vinyl furniture quickly looking like new again. Not to mention the time and money you will save shopping for replacement furniture. 

Servicing over 8,000 locations across all states and territories of Australia, The Leather Doctor has the professional knowledge and expertise necessary to be leaders in the industry and are committed to excellence for all customers. For a free quote and answers to all your professional leather and vinyl furniture repair questions, Contact a friendly team member at The Leather Doctor today!

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