Why Do You Need Advanced Leather Protection Services

Leather is a highly durable and magnificent looking natural material that is popularly used to make everything from furniture to apparel. It’s also one of the few upholstery materials that can look visually appealing for a long time. That being said though, leather isn’t completely immune to rough use or the build-up of natural elements. To maintain leather, regular leather cleaning and leather protection routines should be undertaken.

There are different types of leather upholstery and each type requires specific leather cleaning and leather protection requirements. So, before you get too excited relaxing on your new leather couch, it’s best to learn about leather cleaning and leather protection and the types of leather furniture cleaning services to use, in order to keep your furniture in tip top condition.

Read on to find out how to get the most out of your leather furniture with optimal leather cleaning and leather protection.

What Is a Leather Protector?

High quality leather furniture isn’t cheap, so naturally you’re going to want to keep it looking and feeling its best for a long time. In order to achieve this, it’s imperative to protect it from the accumulation of dirt, body oils, sweat etc. With leather furniture typically costing thousands of dollars, it’s not excessive to regularly invest in high quality leather cleaning and leather protection services.

Professional, high quality leather cleaning and leather protection products protect your leather furniture from environmental damage as well as build ups of dirt, mud, and other nasty elements that may stain or damage the leather.

Why is Leather Protection Important?

We’re here to debunk any rumours that leather doesn’t need to be cleaned and protected. Akin to human skin, without regular professional cleaning and conditioning with high quality leather cleaning and leather protection products, leather will split, crack, dry out, fade and deteriorate. All of which can cause long-term damage and extensive leather restoration requirements.

Professional leather cleaning and leather protection is crucial to help leather age beautifully and protect it from wear and soiling. Leather protection, or conditioning, helps add moisture back into the leather and prevents it from drying and cracking.

Remember, leather was originally the skin of an animal, and their body secreted natural oils to kept it soft and supple. As the leather no longer belongs to an animal, it’s essential to recreate this process to protect the leather and keep it in great condition.

Leather Protectors: Reliable. Simple. Cost-Eeeective

Buying leather upholstered furniture (vs other upholstery types) has its benefits. But, if you want to maximise these benefits, you need to learn how to maintain and care for your leather furniture.

One way to maintain the condition of your leather furniture is by using high quality, leather cleaner and leather protector specific products.  By using fit for purpose products, you won’t expose your leather to chemicals or soaps that may strip colour or damage top-coat.

Let’s have a look at the top three benefits of using leather protectors:

Cleans Without Damaging The Surface

We still hear about (and see damage from) customers who have cleaned their leather furniture with solvent cleaners. This is one of the most common mistakes in cleaning leather furniture. Using chemicals or products that are not specifically formulated for use on leather can cause irreversible damage to the leather’s surface, to include severe discolouration.

Specifically formulated leather cleaning and leather protection products administered by leather cleaning professionals ensure that leather is not damaged whilst properly removing dirt and build up.

Repels Liquid Substances

How many times have you accidentally spilt drinks or liquids on your lounge? Once? Twice? Or was it too many times that you can’t recall exactly? Well, you’re not alone.

Spillage is one of the most common causes of stains on leather furniture. Thankfully regular cleaning and the application of conditioning protection on leather will help to protect the leather.

Prolonged exposure to water can leave permanent stains on your leather furniture. The good news though, is that leather protector (conditioner) adds a thin layer of oil/moisture to the surface, which can repel spills and subsequent water damage.

Simple And Easy Application

Leather cleaner and leather protection conditioners should be applied at least every 6 to 12 months. High quality leather furniture cleaning kits are available for purchase and come with comprehensive instructions for use. Alternatively, you can have professionals come and thoroughly clean your leather furnishings, leaving them looking and feeling amazing for you (and saving you from a great deal of scrubbing).

Taking Care Of Your Leather Furniture

Leather furniture is a classic addition to any living space. It is elegant and relatively easy to clean – as long as it is undertaken regularly. Avoid severe damage by undertaking regular leather cleaning and also attending to spillage, scratches, or tears promptly.

Read on and learn how to handle tricky stains, scuffs, and make your leather furniture shine, looking great.

  • Do not place leather near heat sources.

Like wood, leather will fade, crack, or stiffen when placed near heat sources. When positioning your leather furniture in a space, make sure you position it far from fireplaces or in a location that experiences excessive direct sunlight.

  • Avoid using harsh chemicals.

When cleaning leather furniture, make sure to always use high quality leather cleaning and leather protection products.

  • Check the cleaning instructions for your leather.

Before cleaning your leather furniture, make sure to check the type of leather it is and understand the best ways in which to clean and care for it.  If there was no information given with the furniture, contact your local Leather Doctor to ask for tips and recommendations for safe leather cleaning and leather protection processes.

  • Apply a leather conditioner regularly.

Conditioning leather regularly keeps it from developing cracks. Ensure you apply a high-quality leather conditioner after every clean. You can purchase these products from your local Leather Doctor or have them apply it for you as part of an annual professional leather furniture cleaning service.

What Happens if Leather is Left Unprotected?

Leather furniture needs protection to ensure longevity and safety. If you have pets or young children, and you’re concerned about damage, think about investing in high-quality products that protect your leather furniture.

Are you looking for high-quality leather protection products? At The Leather Doctor, you can find high quality leather furniture protection solutions. All our products have been formulated specifically for use on leather and are safe to use.

Leather is a porous material that’s susceptible to absorbing all kinds of dust particles, debris, grime, bodily fluids and other contaminants. These particles act like tiny abrasives and over time, erode the surface of the leather. Without high quality leather cleaning and leather protection, your leather will be subjected to an extensive range of damage.

Regular leather cleaning and leather protection services also help with future cleaning. Applying a protective coating ahead of time will make it easier to remove tough stains later on and will prevent significant build ups.

Furthermore, failing to apply regular leather protection can leave leather fibres brittle and dry. When left unprotected for a long time, leather will crack and split, causing potentially costly damage.

Which Leather Protection Method is Suitable For My Furniture

A wide variety of leather is used to make furniture. The leather cleaning and leather protection method and products used will depend on the type of leather being treated. Understanding the leather type you’re dealing with is the best way to find the correct protection method and products. For instance, if you own a couch with Aniline leather upholstery, then it would be treated differently than finished leather.

It’s always recommended to test leather cleaning and leather protection products on a small section of leather prior to extensive use. Do not use olive oil, acetone, spray n wipe or other household items to clean and condition leather. Such products can speed up deterioration and strip colour.

If you don’t feel confident about applying leather cleaner and protector yourself, consult a Leather Doctor to assist with leather cleaning services.

Hopefully, this post helps you realise the importance of regular leather cleaning and leather protection. Leather is by no means a cheap material that can be replaced frequently or cheaply.

By undertaking regular leather cleaning and leather protection, you can keep your leather furniture in great condition and save money on leather repairs and restoration. Moreover, you will also keep your leather furnishings in pristine condition.

We have a national team of leather technicians who can professionally clean your leather furniture.

Contact us for more a free quote on leather furniture cleaning services or to find out more about leather cleaning and leather protection products.

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