Quality Vinyl Repairs

Vinyl is used for a wide variety of upholstery coverings, including chairs, stools, car seats, boat seats, caravan seats, commercial restaurant seating and medical and gym equipment. As a man made material, it is a cheaper alternative to leather and is durable for environments that are of high usage. When faced with car, boat or caravan vinyl seating, vinyl restaurant seating or vinyl medical/gym equipment, regular cleaning and maintenance of the material is essential. The Leather Doctor network are highly trained and experienced in being able to clean and repair vinyl surfaces and coverings.

Our Leather Doctors understand the functionality and characteristics of vinyl and leather products – from the way the material is used and can be damaged to the advantages of vinyl and leather for your residential and commercial purposes.

The Leather Doctor professionals are experienced in quality vinyl repairs and maintenance, offering you a practical service at an affordable rate. Lack of proper cleaning and conditioning of products with vinyl coverings will result in damage to the vinyl, to include cracking and peeling. Effective cleaning and conditioning of vinyl surfaces helps prevent sweat and body oils from seeping through the vinyl., rendering it uncomfortable and unhygienic for use. If not cleaned regularly, sweat and body oil build up will break down the vinyl, resulting in reupholstery by a Leather Doctor being required. To help ensure a longer lifespan of your vinyl furniture, in a home, vehicle or commercial setting, why not consider having your vinyl regularly cleaned by a professional Leather Doctor?

In addition to vinyl breaking down if not regularly cleaned, it can also experience more general damage. Pets ripping vinyl furnishings, burns, dents from belts or keys, stains or spills and fading from sun damage can occur; – all common accidents we see happening in both commercial and domestic settings. But, don’t despair –  The Leather Doctor is here to help, and their ability to expertly clean, repair and re-upholster vinyl will have your vinyl looking as good, in no time.  

The Advantage Of Vinyl Over Leather

While giving a similar finish to leather, vinyl is durable and affordable, making it an optimal choice for home furnishings, vehicle, caravan and boat seating café and restaurant seating as well as gym and medical equipment. Vinyl seating can also look great in offices and waiting rooms as it offers comfort and style with the appearance of leather, at a fraction of the price. Despite the various aspects of damage that can occur, vinyl upholstery is in fact fairly resistant to daily wear and tear and weather elements. Being family and child-friendly makes vinyl upholstery a fabulous choice for the home and outdoor vinyl is fantastic for its ability to be rather impenetrable to water. Outdoor seating, caravans and motorhome and vehicle seating are best covered in marine-grade vinyl upholstery as it’s durable and waterproof. Furniture exposed to sunlight can make the colouring prone to fading or cracking, but vinyl is tends to be somewhat more resistant to this damage in the short term.  

If cracking or peeling does occur to your vinyl coverings, then quality vinyl repairs by a Leather Doctor is the leading repair option. The Leather Doctor professionals know just how to make your vinyl look like new again. For commercial vinyl upholstery in restaurants and cafes where there is frequent traffic, vinyl helps to ensure the seating is durable.

Vinyl In Healthcare

Vinyl products are commonly used in the healthcare industry for medical, massage and gym coverings. Vinyl massage tables are common and offer Massage Therapists and Physiotherapists the advantage of easy cleaning, ensuring optimal hygiene standards. Hospital beds are also vinyl-covered, as is vinyl seating in waiting rooms due to its affordability, durability, lifespan and ease of maintenance.

The Leather Doctor professionals service both domestic, commercial and medical vinyl products with quality vinyl repairs and maintenance. They can also repair or re-upholster vinyl with quick turn around times.

Contact your local Leather Doctor for a free quote or assessment of your vinyl cleaning, repair or reupholstery requirements.


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