Professional Leather Cleaning

Professional Leather Cleaning: Your Local Leather Doctor

If you have a leather lounge suite or armchairs in your home or leather or vinyl suites in the office and waiting area of your business, it is important that you undertake regular cleaning and maintenance on them to keep the leather and vinyl looking amazing. Leather chairs and other leather seating can experience rips, tears or cracks over time if they are not maintained properly. As a business, it is important to offer comfortable and hygienic leather and vinyl furnishing to your staff as well as your clientele.

The Leather Doctor can provide leather cleaning services on a regular basis for your home or office leather and vinyl furniture as well as repair and recolour in order to maintain the look of the furniture and extend its lifespan. The Leather Doctor has a national network of highly skilled and well-trained leather and vinyl cleaning and repair professionals available to help you. They can cater for you wherever you are in Australia, and in addition to the leather and vinyl cleaning and repairs, they are also able to offer commercial warranty repairs and reporting.

When it comes to repairs, The Leather Doctor can assess your requirements and determine the appropriate course of action to bring your leather product back to life and looking beautiful again. Our Leather Doctors are also specialists in leather cleaning, maintenance and repairs and we only deliver the most exceptional service to each and every client regardless of whether the task is small or large. Our team members drive fully kitted vans decked out with the relevant materials and equipment required to perform leather cleaning, recolouring and repairs. With more than 70 franchisees servicing more than 8000 suburbs across Australia, The Leather Doctor is the best choice of company to engage with when you require professional leather cleaning services.

Commercial Leather and Vinyl Cleaning Requirements

Often, cafes, bars and restaurants have leather lounges as a part of their seating arrangements. There are many establishments that understand customers enjoy curling up on a leather lounge while sipping on a glass of wine or a cocktail in the evening or on the weekends. Restaurants also commonly use leather and vinyl seating as it is comfortable and also easier to clean down or wipe spills from. The Leather Doctor understands the importance of your leather and vinyl products looking spick and span at all times to ensure customer comfort. Instead of trying to maintain the seating yourself, we recommend using The Leather Doctor and their purpose made, high quality cleaning products.  It’s wise to engage with a professional and reliable service to ensure that you can maintain your leather seating to a premium standard.

Not only do we offer our leather cleaning services to hospitality venues but we also assist with hotel furniture, office furniture, waiting room chairs, gym and medical equipment, theatre settings, hairdressing chairs and bedheads. We believe in completing work to the upmost standard.

What Are The Advantages Of Leather?

When you’re selecting furniture such as lounge suites, armchairs, waiting room and office chairs, or vehicle seating, where possible, choose leather. There is a myriad of factors that influence the decision to select leather products such as durability, aesthetic appearance and the leather cleaning capabilities. Durability is a big advantage of leather products as leather ages over a longer lifespan while fabric can be prone to rips from sharp objects. Leather also can remain cooler than fabric so that helps on those awfully hot summer days. Aesthetically, leather can look more premium. To help your leather live longer and continue to feel great, utilise the cleaning and repair services of a The Leather Doctor.

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