Leather and Vinyl Furniture Restoration Services

Furniture is an item in a home of workplace that can hold sentimental value. It is also often quite expensive to buy. For these key reasons, a large number of customers look into the viability of furniture restoration instead of buying new. Quite often, with some specific attention to affected areas, our furniture restoration services can have a piece of furniture looking (and feeling) like new again.

The Leather Doctor leads the way in vinyl and leather furniture repairs and restoration. We provide cost effective furniture restoration solutions to resolve issues such as dents, scratches, scuffs, cuts, sun damage and burns. We’re also able to assist with larger furniture restoration work, to include recolouring leather furniture, repairing stains and discolouration and offering solutions such as panel replacements and upholstery services to repair damaged or deteriorated areas of leather.

Included in our capabilities for furniture restoration, is the ability to service internal furniture damage, to include repairing or replacing issues with spring systems, frames, webbing and foam, as well as replacing damaged recliner mechanisms and triggers. Replacing damaged dust cover is also part of our furniture restoration offering.

Why Should You Use A Leather Doctor For Your Vinyl Or Leather Furniture Restoration?

  • Leather Doctors are specifically trained in a vast array of specialist vinyl and leather furniture restoration services. Furniture restoration and repairs are a core business. We use specially formulated products and processes to ensure the leather furniture restoration services we offer are first class.
  • We use high quality, professional leather and vinyl products when undertaking furniture restoration services
  • Our leather care specialists understand how to properly care for, repair and restore all kinds of leather, vinyl and fabric furniture, giving you the confidence to trust them to safely and effectively transform your furniture.
  • With over 30 years’ experience in helping furniture live longer, The Leather Doctor are experts when it comes to resolving issues with treasured furniture. We’re able to provide honest and technically correct feedback and options on your furniture repair requirements.

Book in to have your leather furniture restored by contacting your local Leather Doctor today.