Leather Repairs USA, Refurbishment and Re-Upholstery

leather repair before and after exampleWe all know the feeling and the look of brand-new leather. It is a popular choice of material for furniture, accessories, and car seats due to it not only looking sleek but being durable as well. While leather is a tough material, it is still susceptible to scratches, scuffs, cuts, tears, burns as well as cracking and peeling from a build-up of oil, dirt and grime. While it may be tempting to sell, or simply just throw out your old or damaged leather furniture or finishes, more often than not, it can be repaired or refurbished.

Which is why, when it comes to leather repairs in the USA, contacting The Leather Doctor to breathe new life into your leather or vinyl is the best course of action. With over 30 years of experience and a national network of highly specialised franchisees who provide comprehensive leather repairs in the USA, we always aim for high quality and standards with our work. Whether it is refurbishing that beloved leather bag, a favourite lounge suite or re-upholstering those classic looking leather car seats, The Leather Doctor will come to the rescue. The Leather Doctor bring not only their specialised skill set, but also innovative tools and techniques that will leave your leather goods looking fantastic once again. Rest assured, your favourite leather goods are always in the best hands if you trust The Leather Doctor with repairing them.

Frame and Mechanical, Medical And Gym Repairs and Upholstery

The Leather Doctor is trained beyond just refurbishing and re-upholstering leather furniture. Leather Doctors are also highly skilled in foam replacements, frame repairs, recliner mechanical repairs and replacements and stitching repairs. When it comes to vinyl repairs on gym or medical equipment, The Leather Doctor also has you covered. Vinyl is susceptible to breaking down, which is not only uncomfortable for customers, but can be very unhygienic. Re-upholstering, repairing and cleaning vinyl used on gym equipment, Pilates beds, weight machines, massage tables/beds, dentist chairs, (the list goes on) you can be confident that your local Leather Doctor will have the vinyl in your gym or medical practice looking brand new and professional again in no time. Another specialisation of The Leather Doctor is working on the leather and vinyl finishes in cars, boats, trucks, limos and even planes. 

Whether it be rips, tears, weather damage, cracking or stains, give your vehicle the care it deserves by using the Leather Doctor network. Their skill and expertise will ensure that your leather and vinyl repairs are done to the highest possible standard.  For all leather and vinyl repairs, cleaning, re-colouring or reupholstery including cleaning, priming, repairing, colouring and sealing, you can be sure that anything that The Leather Doctor touches will be given the upmost attention.

Caring For Your Leather Furniture

In addition to providing the best leather repairs in the USA, Leather Doctors are also able to help you maintain your leather via regular professional leather and vinyl cleaning and conditioning. in order to keep your leather and vinyl coverings in top condition and prolong their lifespan, it is important that you regularly and properly care for them. Knowing exactly the type of leather or vinyl finish you have is important to know when it comes to cleaning and maintenance, as different types of leather need to be treated in different ways. It is recommended that you do not use homemade cleaning products or supermarket brand general cleaning products, as they strip the seal off the material and drain the moisture from it, leading to cracking, splitting and eventual total deterioration.

Leather Doctors use specifically formulated leather cleaning products to clean away the build-up of dirt, grime and sweat then apply conditioning products to help maintain the seal of the leather or vinyl and prevent it from drying or cracking. Conditioning your leather is a great way to also keep it soft and supple, so by using specifically formulated products, you can help keep it in top condition.

Regardless of your requirements – whether it be leather or vinyl cleaning, repairs, recolouring or reupholstery, the national network of Leather Doctors will have you covered. They come to you and provide free quotes, so get in touch today.

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