Leather Cleaning Professionals

Leather CleaningWe all want our leather and vinyl furniture and finishes to look fabulous and last for as long as possible. The best way to achieve this is to ensure you professionally clean and condition your leather and vinyl furnishings regularly. The nature of leather and vinyl means that cleaning is a delicate process, as some items may stain if the cleaning products used are not appropriate. This is where calling in leather cleaning professionals such as the Leather Doctor makes the most sense. Most leather and vinyl is finished with a top coat seal to protect against damage from spills and body oils. Unfortunately however, if regular cleans are not undertaken, the top coat seal begins to break down and will start to cause harm to leather and vinyl if left to absorb. These body oils and dirt are filled with bacteria that begin to break down the protective coating, allowing damage to occur to leather and vinyl. Regular cleaning means that bacteria does not have the opportunity to break down or cause damage to the material. Our Leather Doctors use high quality and eco-friendly products to clean and condition your leather and vinyl. After the cleaning process is complete, we follow up with a conditioning process to add moisture back into the leather or vinyl. This process helps to prevent drying out and the subsequent splitting and cracking of the leather or vinyl from occurring. We can clean a variety of leather and vinyl products, ranging from apparel to household, hospitality, and commercial furniture, to auto and marine leather finishes. The Leather Doctors are trained technicians who use specialised leather and vinyl cleaning products to keep your items looking their best and prevent them from breaking down.

Commercial Leather Cleaning Services

Leather and vinyl furniture is a common choice for a variety of businesses. And why not? It looks great, and it’s easy to give a quick wipe over after a spill or between customers. Those quick wipe overs will not thoroughly clean your furniture, however. Those little spills build-up, allowing the bacteria in, and soon you have damaged furniture. This is where enlisting a leather cleaning specialist like Leather Doctors makes a difference. Our technicians travel to your workplace in a fully fitted van allowing for cleans and repairs to be completed onsite. Occasionally a repair requires more specialised equipment. Our vans can transport your furniture to dedicated off-site facilities for that repair to be completed, eliminating the need for third-party transport, potential delays, and potential for additional damage. We have over seventy franchises across Australia, servicing over eight thousand locations. This means we have great flexibility to work within your company’s schedule while still performing high quality and efficient service. Our leather cleaning services assist private customers with the cleaning, repair, and restoration of their household goods and accessories. We also perform warranty repair work with many national and independent furniture retailers and manufacturers. The Leather Doctor can also provide services to restaurants, cafes, offices and waiting rooms, gyms, massage businesses, hair salons, and hotels, to name just a few. We pride ourselves on being an extension to your business, providing you with high-quality work and caring for the furniture as if it were our own.

Leather or Vinyl? What are the Advantages of Leather?

When considering your new furniture or furnishings, you need to focus on how it will be used. High-use locations such as lounge suites, armchairs, waiting rooms, and office chairs, even vehicle and caravan seating, are most suited to leather and vinyl (as opposed to fabric). The decision can also be influenced by comparisons on durability, aesthetic appearance, and cleaning abilities. Leather and vinyl make a statement when used in boardrooms, offices, homes, and hospitality locations, and is generally cooler in the Australian environment. Cleaning and conditioning leather and vinyl should be undertaken by a Leather Doctor every six to 12 months using specially formulated products that will not damage the material or strip away colour. In addition to your general cleaning requirements, the Leather Doctor is also able to repair damage, recolour leather and vinyl and repair internal foams and springs that are damaged.

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