Franchise FAQs

Leather Doctors are skilled in caring for all types of leather and vinyl, meaning we’re trusted to safely and effectively approach a clean, repair or rejuvenate furniture in a way that will have it looking great, for years to come. Leather Doctors are experts in both external ‘aesthetic’ services and structural ‘internal’ services of furnishings, enabling us to offer a more robust service to customers.

We believe that The Leather Doctor is one of the best investments out there. Smart entrepreneurs are investing in a Leather Doctor franchise to secure a business of their own that they can grow to suit their business goals and financial futures. The purchase price of the a Leather and Fabric Doctor business is $70,000, to include training, full leather and fabric kits, van signage, uniforms and marketing collateral. The cost of a white commercial van is not included.

The Leather Doctor does not penalise franchisees who grow their businesses. Our fixed monthly franchise fee and marketing fund investment are low and with the knowledge that a set fee is in place (as opposed to being charged a % fee on income), our franchisees are more likely to actively grow their business and take on more opportunities such as multi territory ownership.  There is also a monthly marketing fund for franchisees, supporting best in class marketing and lead generation in each franchisees territory.

The term of a Leather Doctor franchise agreement is 5 years, with ongoing options to renew for a further 5. 

Franchisees follow a recommended pricing structure but can adjust their pricing according to specific market conditions and local competition.

No. The beauty of a Leather Doctor franchise is that it is a mobile service business, operated via your vehicle. There are no large overheads you are locked into such as rent. We do however, recommend that you have access to a shed or warehouse space to be able to undertake larger jobs (out of a customers home of workplace) as needed.

Franchisees are required to purchase a suitable white, commercial van. As a mobile service business, your van is your ‘office’ and not only carries the branding of the business but is used to transport all your tools and products and also any furniture that you may need to transport offsite for repair. Vans being considered must be in good condition and working order. At the point you are ready to become a Leather Doctor, we will work with you to review van options. Whilst the branding of a van is included in the start-up investment, the purchase of the van itself, is not.

No, not if you don’t want to! You are in control of your schedule, enabling you to work around your personal life. The hours you work, and your work/life balance is up to you.

Upon commencing, we work with franchisees to brand their van, set up a dedicated and customisable webpage, customised marketing collateral, local listings, social media profiles and google ads.  Our marketing program helps develop lead generation as well as brand awareness. There is also a monthly marketing fund, supporting best in class marketing and lead generation in the franchisees territory. Franchisees also have access to inhouse support to assist with and generate collateral and strategies to undertake additional local area marketing. 

How much time you invest, how well you develop your skills and how committed you are to promoting your business and will translate into the income you earn. Detailed income breakdowns are available in The Leather Doctor Franchise Disclosure Document (FDD). Please contact us for more information.

Following the formal training program, The Leather Doctor Head Office team, consisting of operations, marketing, booking and training teams are on hand to help you smoothly transition into independently and successfully running your own territory, and are always available to answer questions and ensure that you are able to expertly service your customers. Leather Doctors are granted unlimited access to an exclusive training platform, providing an extensive array of videos and programs to ensure they are able to perform all necessary skills and services to the highest possible standards, and that they are able to access information on new skills or techniques as required. 

Extensive and in-depth training is a very important part of the induction process for new Leather Doctor Franchisees. As many of the Leather Doctor Franchisees do not have any prior experience in leather or vinyl repair work, our 3-week intensive training program has been designed to ensure that all new franchisees feel confident in performing the services they will be required to offer once operating their own business. Extensive training on colour-matching skills and recolouring processes is included in this.

Leather Doctor franchises are territory based, meaning a franchisee is given exclusive rights to service a defined, mapped area. A Leather Doctor territory will comprise a minimum population of 300,000. The geographic span this population comprises will depend on if the territory is in a densely populated city, or in a more rural location. 

The exciting news is that potential customers are everywhere… because leather and vinyl finishes and furnishings are everywhere! From homes, offices, cars, boats, planes, restaurants, schools, cinemas… the list keeps going! The skills sets that Leather Doctors are trained in gives the ability to establish a highly diversified business with many industry touch points. 

You don’t need prior experience to succeed with The Leather Doctor. What matters most is that you’re motivated and possess a willingness to learn. Our comprehensive training program equips franchisees with the necessary skills to successfully operate and grow a Leather Doctor business.


Find out more our process and criteria here. If becoming a Leather Doctor is of interest to you, contact us today and let us talk you through the opportunity.


Leather Doctor franchisees are required to obtain a business license from the local government where they are operating their business. Franchisees are also required to have public liability insurance.

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