Commercial Vinyl and Leather Furniture Cleaning Services in Australia

Although leather and vinyl are tough and durable furniture upholstery materials, they require regular cleaning and conditioning to keep them looking and feeling their best. That’s why our specialised commercial leather cleaning professionals only use the best quality and proven safe techniques when undertaking commercial leather and vinyl cleaning services in your business.

The Leather Doctor’s commercial leather and vinyl cleaning specialists use the highest quality commercial leather cleaning products to clean your vinyl and leather upholstery.

The most common of leathers and vinyl are finished with a built-in clear coat that protects them against damage from spills and the accumulation of body oils. Over time, and particularly in a commercial setting, body oil, dust, dirt, sweat, food and drink stains and regular wear and tear can significantly affect the appearance of leather and vinyl furnishings if professional commercial cleaning and conditioning is not undertaken. Regular commercial cleaning of the leather and vinyl furniture and finishes in your business helps to prevent this protective coating from breaking down and sustaining irreversible damage.

Regular commercial leather cleaning and protection alongside correct maintenance advice from a Leather Doctor professional is critical for the longevity of the leather and vinyl upholstery in your business.  We’re able to clean your leather and vinyl, while also giving you advice and products to keep your commercial furnishings looking great.

With over 30 years of experience in commercial leather cleaning, we are accustomed to managing a variety of  commercial leather and vinyl cleaning requirements. We’re known for our attention to detail, high quality products and dedicated workmanship that enable us to give your commercial leather and vinyl surfaces the best treatment possible.

For your convenience, we’re able to come to you, at a time that suits. Whether you run an office, a restaurant, a gym, a university or a houseboat company, our commercial leather cleaning services will help keep your leather and vinyl finishes looking better, for longer.

The Key Benefits Of Commercial Leather Furniture Cleaning

Keeping your commercial upholstery clean and looking great takes time and energy. Whilst you may have an in house team of cleaners, the products they use are often too harsh for (and thus are highly likely to damage) leather and vinyl furnishings. Whilst it may be tempting to clean your commercial leather and vinyl furnishings with non-specific leather cleaning products, the damage they do is detrimental. Non leather specific cleaning products will break down and eventually strip the seal or coating on the leather, leaving it dry and exposed to absorbing even more dirt, oils and sweat, which then leads to drying, cracking and colour loss of the leather.

Put simply, the best way to protect your leather and vinyl furnishings in your commercial space is to have them regularly cleaned by a Leather Doctor professional who uses fit for purpose products.

Regular vinyl and leather professional furniture cleaning carries the following benefits:

Proper Nourishment & Protection

Commercial leather and vinyl upholstery requires regular professional cleaning. Commercial leather and vinyl finishes are extremely vulnerable to soiling, which over time, wears the fabrication down. Moreover, excessive exposure to dirt and grime can cause cracking and splitting in commercial leather and vinyl furnishings. Regular professional upholstery cleaning is essential to nourish and protect commercial furniture so that it stays looking better, for longer.

Maintains Appearances

Regular commercial furniture cleaning ensures your commercial space stays in optimal condition for visitors and clients. Dirty, damaged and soiled leather and vinyl furnishings in a commercial space is unhygienic and uninviting.

Experts For The Job

Commercial vinyl and leather furniture cleaning requires expertise and the use of high quality, fit for purpose products. At The Leather Doctor, we have decades of commercial leather cleaning experience, ensuring we’re able to properly care for and clean your leather and vinyl commercial furnishings.

Healthier Environment

Clean and hygienic leather and vinyl furnishings are important in a commercial environment. Medical clinics, nursing homes, gyms and public spaces in particular, must ensure that their leather and vinyl furnishings and finishes are kept in optimial hygiene standards and remain comfortable. For the sake of your employees, clients and visitors, regular professional commercial furniture cleaning is an important undertaking.

Long Term Savings

Regular commercial furniture cleaning extends the life of your leather and vinyl furnishings, reducing the rate at which you are purchasing new furnishings or having to undertake upholstery work.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed

Our commercial leather furniture cleaning technicians are highly trained and guarantee the leather and vinyl furniture cleaning work they undertake.

Why Should You Use A Leather Doctor For Your Commercial Leather Furniture Cleaning?

Whether in an office, hotel, restaurant, gym, medical centre, hospital, taxi, aircraft, or boat, commercial leather and vinyl furniture experiences heavy usage and is thus exposed to significant build up of body oils, sweat, dirt and grime. In order to keep your commercial space hygenic and appealing, regular commercial cleaning services are recommended.

  • Leather Doctors are specifically trained in commercial leather cleaning and conditioning. It is our core business and we use specially formulated products and processes to ensure the commercial leather and vinyl cleaning services we offer are first class.
  • We use high quality, professional leather cleaning products to lift out dirt, body oils, sweat and soiling without adversely affecting the leather.
  • When the commercial leather cleaning services are complete, we use a high quality upholstery conditioner to restore suppleness to the furnishings,  preventing them from cracking and splitting.
  • Our leather care specialists understand how to properly care for all kinds of leather and vinyl, giving you the confidence to trust them to safely and effectively commercially clean your leather and vinyl furniture

We have over 30 years of experience in Commercial Vinyl and Leather Cleaning Services. Contact your local Leather Doctor Today for a free quote.

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