Why Choose The Leather Doctor?

One of the biggest benefits and one of the most common reasons people buy into a franchise system is because all the hard work done to establish a business and test its rigour, has already been done.

It means you’ll always have someone to call and ask for advice. It means you’ll benefit from the collective learning of franchisees all over the world. It means that you’re buying into an organization that has exceptional training and support processes, and most importantly, it means you can be confident that you’re taking on a business where the structure and systems have already been tested and have been proven to work.

To maintain our market leader status and to ensure continuous improvement, The Leather Doctor team are constantly working on ways to develop processes at both a franchisee and head office level. We pride ourselves on our well-developed training and operational systems, and the support in which we offer our franchisees to encourage their sucesss.


We’re Needed

Offering a mobile service that assists customers to clean, repair and restore their leather, vinyl, and fabric finishes and furnishings rather than buying new is pivotal in an ever changing economy. Leather Doctor’s help leather, vinyl, and fabric live longer.

We Thrive

With such a vast set of potential work, the unique skill sets of Leather Doctors have proven to remain in high demand. For 30+ years, Leather Doctors have not just grown, but thrived through economic downturns and also during the pandemic. The need for our services and unique skill set is constant.

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We Evolve

Our decades of experience, systems, products and training facilities enable us to evolve, developing new processes and techniques to cater to changing furnishings.

We’re Niche Yet Diversified

Leather Doctors are in the fortunate position of being able to offer niche services across a hugely diversified set of industries. The potential for work is staggering. Our set of skills and services are unique and they be replaced by robots (ie – easily phased out).


We’re Sustainable

The Leather Doctor helps leather, vinyl, and fabric live longer, keeping furniture out of land fill. We advocate repair and restoration over replacement.

When it comes to choosing the right franchise, having a reputable, recognised brand is key. Our brand is our reputation. It dictates how clients find us, how people feel about our franchisees and determines their confidence in using our services.

The Leather Doctor strives to deliver a brand that is at the top of its game, setting the standards for an industry and leading the pack for the delivery of leather, vinyl, and fabric cleaning, repairs and maintenance services. Our Franchisees are our brand advocates. They live and breathe the brand and have helped to shape it to be the group it is today.

Be Your Own Boss!

Become a Leather Doctor Franchisee

The Leather Doctor is a well-established, trusted brand. Franchisees enjoy access to exceptional training, well tested processes and a vast network that can provide ongoing support.

Our Leather Doctor Franchisees tell us time and time again why they love being a part of our family. The most common responses include:

  • I’m in control of my work, my time and my life
  • I have control of my earning potential and work schedule
  • I receive extensive and ongoing support and training
  • I have a great lifestyle, flexibility and income potential
  • I can grow my business as large and as quickly as I want
  • I can easily network with other franchisees for support
  • I have an exclusive territory to service and grow
  • The support from head office is exceptional 

What Does all this Mean for a Prospective Leather Doctor Franchisee?

It means The Leather Doctor is a stable, reputable, success orientated, committed company. Our goal is to work with franchisees to develop their business in a way that achieves their business goals.

By following our franchise system, you can:

  • Launch a business knowing that it is backed with decades of experience and best in class training and support
  • Learn unique skill sets that will enable you to not only repair and restore leather, vinyl and fabric surfaces, but also attend to the internal structures and components of furniture
  • Learn how to identify business opportunities, generate leads and develop repeat business
  • Develop a business that suits your personal work/life goals, balancing the needs of you and your family with that of a successful business
  • Develop new skills that will enable your business to diversify, evolve and grow
  • Remove the need for expensive overheads such as an office or shop front fit out and maintenance – by operating as a mobile service

If you’re interested to find out more, or are ready to get started, fill out this form and we will be in touch.

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