What You’re Buying Into

Starting up in small business can be risky, but for those motivated to establish a new business of their own, buying into a franchise network that has established brand recognition and proven processes is a savvy decision.

Statistics confirm a markedly increased rate of small business success for franchisees compared with independent business start-ups. Moreover, Franchising in Australia equates to in excess of $154 billion (or over 20%) of the nation’s GDP, representing over 70,000 workplaces and more than 495,000 employees.

The Leather Doctor has been operating as a franchise model providing leather and vinyl repair services for both commercial and domestic customers for almost 30 years. Over this time, consumer trends have been dramatically influenced by DIY and interior decoration trends, meaning there is more leather furniture than ever before in household and business environments – a winning factor that helps our Leather Doctors secure a constant stream of work.

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When it comes to choosing the right franchise, having a reputable, recognised brand is key. This isn’t just applicable for our clients, but also for our existing Franchise Partners in the network. Your brand is your reputation, it dictates how clients find you, how people feel about you and their confidence in using your services.

The Leather Doctor strives to deliver a brand that is at the top of its game, setting the standards for an industry and leading the pack for the delivery of leather and vinyl cleaning, repairs and maintenance services.

As a brand that has been operating in Australia for several decades, our awareness amongst domestic and commercial customers and our exposure across all states and territories of Australia is extensive. Our reputation for providing first class service is also well recognised.

Our Franchisees are our brand advocates. They live and breathe the brand and have helped to shape it to be the group it is today.

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One of the biggest benefits, and one of the most common reasons why people buy into a franchise system is because all of the hard work in establishing the business and testing its rigour has already been done! It means you always have someone to call and ask advice. It means you benefit from the collective learning of more than 95 franchisees across Australia. It means that you’re buying into an organisation that has exceptional training and support processes, and most importantly, it means you can be confident that you’re taking on a business where the structure and systems have already been tested, and have been proven to work!

To maintain our market leader status and to ensure continuous improvement, The Leather Doctor team are constantly working on ways to improve the processes at both a franchisee and head office level. We pride ourselves on our well-developed training and operational systems, and the support in which we offer our franchisees to encourage success.

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The Leather Doctor approaches marketing across both national and local levels to ensure on brand and accurate messages are consistently delivered to customers. Our marketing program ensures that we are helping all Leather Doctors to attract new clients as well as additional sales and repeat business from existing clients. We want The Leather Doctor to stay top of mind for both commercial and domestic clients, and ensure that we’re the first point of call when they experience Leather cleaning, repair or service issues.

It would be impossible to achieve this kind of marketing and cut through as an independent, local business. The Leather Doctor has an in-house head office marketing team consisting of specialists who are there to advise, develop and assist with marketing strategy and collateral to help grow your business.

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Following the formal (induction) training program, The Leather Doctor Head Office team, consisting of operations, marketing and training teams are constantly on hand to help answer questions and ensure that you are able to expertly service your customers.

All Leather Doctors have access to an exclusive training platform, providing an array of training videos and programs to ensure you can perform all leather and vinyl services to the highest possible standards, or learn new skills or techniques as relevant.

Marketing support is also available to ensure that you are continuously able to both attract new customers and retain your existing customers.

The IT systems you will have access to are also best in class. Developed to help you manage your bookings, billings and reporting, the system helps all our Leather Doctors run their business smoothly.

These are just some of the ongoing support touch points you will have access to as a Leather Doctor.

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