Auto Leather Care and Repair Services

In addition to being experts in repairs, cleaning and refurbishment of leather and vinyl furniture, Leather Doctors are also able to transfer these skills to automotive leather repair and cleaning. We’re able to apply our auto leather repairs and cleaning to leather and vinyl finishes in cars, caravans, boats, motorbikes, busses and aircraft.

Using a Leather Doctor to professionally undertake automotive leather and vinyl cleaning and automotive leather and vinyl repairs on finishes such as seats, flooring, consoles, dashboards, door cards and steering wheels will give your auto interior a new lease on life. Automotive leather and vinyl repairs are the perfect solution to fix damage when selling your vehicle or can simply be undertaken to allow you to better enjoy it and prevent any damage, stains or fading from worsening.

Just like household furniture, leather and vinyl seats and trims in cars, caravans, boats, bikes, busses or aircraft can experience stains and damage that need to be professionally repaired. The Leather Doctor is able to attend to damage and stains to automotive leather and vinyl interiors to include:

  • rips
  • tears
  • cuts
  • burns
  • stains or dye transfer
  • fading and sun damage
  • scuffs
  • grazes
  • broken stitching
  • cracking

Car, caravan, bus, boat and aircraft interiors are often confined spaces, so protecting against over spray when undertaking repairs is a priority for all Leather Doctors.  We treat automotive leather cleaning and automotive leather repairs in exactly the same way as any other leather or vinyl furniture cleaning and repairs.

Leather Doctors are also specialists in leather re-colouring and upholstery, enabling them to transform your car, caravan or boat interiors.

Our transformation gallery showcase examples of the Leather Doctor’s success in Auto Leather Care and Repair